2022 Sheep and Beef

Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer Award Entries

This award was inaugurated in 2012 for young Māori working in the agricultural sector. The competition has proved to be very popular and has attracted high quality entrants.

The 2022 Ahuwhenua Young Māori Farmer Award is for people who are currently working in the sheep and beef industry or who have previously worked in the sheep and beef industry. This Award offers a great learning experience and the opportunity to mix with the best in the industry. Employers/training providers are encouraged to support suitable employees/students by working with them to enter the Award. 

Entry Form

Download the entry form here: Entry Form

Entries close: 5pm, Friday 11th February 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE: we have been experiencing technical problem with our email server, so if your entry was not acknowledged, please send it again to marama.atahaia@gmail.com

Entry Criteria and Conditions of Entry

Judging Process

Past Winners